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Ice Machine Maintenance

Save bulk and costly repairs with preventative maintenance

Our service professionals repair and maintain all makes, ages, and models of ice machines above the average industry standards. Whether your customer load is 100 per day or 100 per hour, we have the knowledge and ability to service all of the machines at your location. We have preventative maintenance plans from every 3 months, to every 5 years!

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HVAC Maintenance

Avoid Problems With Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure uninterrupted and optimum functioning of a property’s HVAC systems is to institute a regular HVAC maintenance program. Preventative HVAC is one area where an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure – and can avoid a lot of problems. OPM offers one-time or ongoing contracts for HVAC preventative maintenance.

Multi-City Service

From Charlotte, NC down to Miami, FL and all the way back up to Tupelo, MS, OPM has a technician near you! We specialize in having multiple technicians in different cities and states to service many customers on a daily basis! We are constantly adding new cities and states to our list.

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