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Drinking & Cooking Solutions - Reverse Osmosis & Ultrapure Systems

The sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells. As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals, radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity. Contaminants that may be present in source water include: Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife. Inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals, which can be naturally occurring or result from urban stormwater runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, oil and gas production, mining, or farming. Pesticides and herbicides, which may come from a variety of sources such as agriculture, urban stormwater runoff, and residential uses. Organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are by-products of industrial processes and petroleum production, and can also come from gas stations, urban stormwater runoff, and septic systems. Radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally occurring or be the result of containment misuse. 

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Whole Home - Point of Entry & Well Water Systems

Whole Home Filter systems capture or adjust for unwanted chemicals, high mineral counts, and low PH to ensure entire protection throughout your home. There are several applications, and the best system for you will depend on your water quality. Since Whole Home systems and Reverse Osmosis systems are different, we recommend utilizing both systems for optimal water quality. Options for Whole Home systems are Water Softeners, Chlorine/Chloramine reduction, PFAS/PFOS removal, Iron removal, and UV protection.

  • How often do ice makers need to be cleaned?
    Regular cleaning of an ice maker is essential to ensure it functions properly and produces clean ice. We recommend cleaning your ice maker at least once every six months, or more frequently if it is used heavily or located in a high-traffic area. Neglecting to clean your ice maker can result in bacterial growth, mold, and a reduction in the quality of ice produced. Our team at OPM can provide professional cleaning services for your ice maker, ensuring it operates efficiently and produces high-quality ice.
  • What is the FDA rule for commercial ice makers?
    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires that commercial ice makers produce ice that is safe for human consumption. This means that the ice must be free from harmful bacteria and other contaminants. In order to comply with FDA regulations, commercial ice makers must be properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. At Oasis PM, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for commercial ice makers to ensure that they meet all FDA requirements and produce safe, high-quality ice for your business.
  • What water filters are needed for ice makers?
    At OPM, we recommend using a water filter that is specifically designed for ice makers. This will help remove impurities and contaminants from your water supply, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting ice. It's important to choose a filter that is compatible with your ice maker's brand and model, as well as one that meets the necessary NSF/ANSI standards for filtration. Our team can assist you in selecting the right filter for your ice maker and ensure that it is properly installed and maintained for optimal performance.
  • How much are ice maker repair costs?
    At OPM, the cost of ice maker repair varies depending on the specific issue and the make and model of your ice maker. We provide competitive pricing and always strive to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. Before any work is done, our technicians will assess the problem and provide an estimate for the repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a personalized quote for your ice maker repair needs
  • How do I size my ice maker?
    Sizing an ice maker depends on several factors, such as the amount of ice needed, the frequency of use, and the ambient temperature of the environment. At Oasis PM, our team of experts can help you select the right ice maker for your needs. We take into account your specific requirements and provide recommendations based on your business's size and usage patterns. Contact us today to learn more about our ice maker selection process and to get started on finding the right size for your business.
  • What is preventative maintenance?
    Preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to maintenance that involves regularly scheduled inspections, adjustments, and repairs of equipment and systems in order to prevent failures and prolong their lifespan. By identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems, preventative maintenance can help reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and save costs in the long run. At OPM, we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services to keep your facilities and equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
  • What is included in your ice maker membership?
    Our ice maker membership includes comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your commercial ice maker. This includes regular cleaning, sanitization, filter replacement, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise with your ice maker. We also offer emergency repair services and priority scheduling for our members. With our ice maker membership, you can rest assured that your ice maker will always be in top working condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing your business's productivity.
  • What is a remote ice maker install?
    A remote ice maker install is a service provided by OPM that involves installing an ice maker machine in a location separate from where the ice is dispensed. This is achieved by connecting a remote condensing unit to the ice maker, which is then positioned in a different area, such as a roof top or outside ground level area. The remote installation allows for quieter operation, better air circulation, and increased ice production capacity. Our team of professionals is experienced in handling remote ice maker installs and can ensure that the installation is done correctly and efficiently.
  • Is it better to repair or replace my ice maker?
    It depends on the specific problem with your ice maker. Our experienced technicians at OPM will assess the issue and provide a recommendation based on the cost and feasibility of repair versus replacement. In general, if the repair cost is more than half the cost of a new ice maker, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. However, if the issue is minor and can be fixed with a simple repair, that may be a more economical option. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation.
  • How much is the cost for your ice maker membership?
    Pricing varies depending on your equipment and water conditions. We offer a No-Charge site visit to survey your equipment and maintenance needs. Once we have gathered all of the information, we then will send over a quote for our membership plan!
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